A vibrant student building

Office transformation former ‘Technische Dienst Eindhoven’

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    TU Eindhoven

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Former and new situation

The former huge T-mass of the TD-building is splitted into three different towers by removing the primary core of the building. To re-balance the former point-symmetrical T-mass, a new wing is added. This wing contains some public functions like an 24-hour shop, a parkcafé, spaces for student-companies and a clubhouse on top. The new wing will be the vibrant center of the building. A route meanders from the green park through the steel structure, along the public functions, to the student-houses. A great entrance. Student life is connected to the green, natural surroundings by a vibrant center.

A brand new and vibrant wing

The different types of studenthouses are spread over the whole plan. The couple apartments are situated at the end of every existing wing. Nearby the center, the 6-people apartments are situated. The remaining area is assigned to the studio’s. This scattering of different types will create a lively facade. From a distance you will discover the different types of student life. Every floorplan is different, depending on what’s happening in the new wing. Group apartments are very connected to the vibrant wing, single studio’s do have more privacy. The result is a mix of different students and different lifestyles into a lively building in a perfect setting.